The BT Tower - A Birmingham Gem!

The BT Tower is the tallest building in Birmingham. Completed in 1966. Located at 40 Lionel Street in the Jewellery Quarter.

Standing at 152 metres tall (or 499 ft) is the BT Tower in Birmingham. It is on Lionel Street in the Jewellery Quarter and can be seen all over the City. Built from 1963 until 1966.

BT Tower

BT Tower (2016). Photography by Daniel Sturley


Formerly known as the Post Office Tower and the GPO Tower. It is still the tallest building in the City. There is the equivalent of 24 floors. The logo has been changed several times at the top, and many of the dishes have been removed.

BT Tower from Wiggin Street

BT Tower from Wiggin Street (February 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown


The BT Tower can be seen on the skyline for miles, even from distant hills, such as the Lickey Hills.

BT Tower from the Lickey Hills

BT Tower on the Birmingham skyline from Beacon Hill at the Lickey Hills Country Park (January 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


History of the BT Tower, Birmingham

The first microwave telecommunications relay in Birmingham was set up in 1949 on the top of Telephone House, a 1930s building on Newhall Street. Construction of the BT Tower began in July 1963 on a site on Lionel Street above the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal. It was completed by September 1965. The tower became operational by December 1966 and was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Alderman James S. Meadows in October 1967. It was designed by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works and M.H. Bristow was the senior architect. It is 26 storeys high, with five levels of circular aerial galleries at the top. There is also a roof mounted crane.

BT Tower

BT Tower from the Library of Birmingham (2017) photography by Fay Lowry


In August 2003 the tower was painted ultramarine blue to cover the existing light brown which had started to discolour. Local comedian Jasper Carrott switched on the night time illuminations during March 2004. The last of the large analogue aerial dishes were removed during 2012, following the migration to digital transmission. Also during 2012, the London 2012 logos were up on the tower during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The old BT logos were taken down during 2020.

BT Tower London 2012London 2012 logos at the BT Tower (March 2012). Photography by Elliott Brown


The new BT logo went up on both sides during 2021. Although the final "B" wasn't installed until late August 2021, due to nesting peregrine falcons.

BT TowerBT Tower from the Secret Garden at the Library of Birmingham (September 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Additional photography of the BT Tower by Birmingham's people with passion

BT Tower

BT Tower (March 2019). Photography by Barry Whitehead


BT Tower

BT Tower (December 2018). Photography by James March


BT Tower

BT Tower (March 2018). Photography by Jay Mason-Burns


BT Tower

BT Tower (March 2019). Photography by Kev Maslin


BT Tower

BT Tower and Library of Birmingham (April 2019). Photography by Peter Leadbetter


BT Tower

BT Tower from the Rotunda (July 2019). Photography by Tammie Naughton




King KongBT Tower and King Kong (July 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown

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