Victoria Square - A Birmingham Gem!

Victoria Square was originally called Council House Square, but was re-named to Victoria Square after Queen Victoria in 1901, just 12 days before she passed away.

Located in the heart of the City, Victoria Square is home to the Council House and the Town Hall, two wonderful architectural examples of Birmingham's fascinating history. 

Birmingham Council House courtesy Daniel Sturley

Birmingham Town Hall courtesy Elliott Brown

Victoria Square is a wonderful location in which to take in all that is happening in the city, and, as can be seen from the following, the Square is a magnet for keen photographers.  

Victoria Square and 103 Colmore Row courtesy Daniel Sturley

Two works of art that can be seen in Victoria Square are the statue of Queen Victoria erected in 1901 and The Rivert Art, more commonly known as 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi', by Indian sculptor Dhruva Mistry unveiled in 1993.

The Queen Victoria statue was originally designed in marble by Thomas Brock and was later cast in bronze by William Bloye in 1951.

Statue of Queen Victoria in Victoria Square courtesy Daniel Sturley

'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' in Victoria Square courtesy Daniel Sturley

Between 2017 and 2019, construction of The Westside Metro extension took in Victoria Square between Pinfold Street and Paradise Street. This included a tram stop on Paradise Street next to the Town Hall. 

Tram passing through Victoria Square courtesy Elliott Brown

Victoria Square hosts many events thoughout the year, the largest and most popular being the Frankfurt Christmas Market.  

Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham (2019) courtesy Elliott Brown


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